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I’m Gabriella (She/Her)! Owner, Chef and creator of Sky Above Trail Grub. I am a first generation Nicaraguan-American with a passion for Food justice, empowering others in the outdoors and using food as medicine. Sky Above Trail Grub is a passion project that weaves all of these concepts together.


After the sudden death of my fiancee in 2018, backpacking and rock climbing became a huge part of my healing journey. Connecting to the land allowed me a way to process my grief, and step into my power.  After this loss, my relationship to cooking also deepened. Preparing nutritious meals for myself became a way to help my heart heal and re-affirm self love. 


As I started to spend more time outdoors I quickly came to realize that there was a serious lack of quality meal options for outdoor activities. I also noticed the disconnect between the outdoor industry and the packaging waste it creates. Determined to find a way to eat my veggies in the backcountry and reduce my footprint, I began experimenting with making my own dehydrated meals for the trail.  This is when Sky Above Trail Grub was born!


In 2018 I graduated as a Holistic Nutritionist from The Wellspring School of Healing Arts  here in Portland, OR. During this two year program, I explored how to heal the mind, body and spirit using whole food nutrition with both an eastern and western lens. I bring this knowledge into the meals I create, ensuring they are balanced and suited to the needs of active lifestyles. My studies also blossomed a passion for advocating for food sovereignty and food access. To learn more about these terms, what they mean and how they are integrated into Sky Above please visit the link HERE. 

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