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Supporting local farms helps to strengthen our food system so that we can shift our reliance on the industrial food complex. It also helps to empower our communities, and heal the land. 

Good Rain Farm

Farmer, Michelle Week is of of Sinixt ancestry and passionate about food sovereignty, community and empowerment.Good Rain tends the land in a harmonious way that mimicks the cycles of life and death and keeps the 7 generations concept in mind.

Happiness Family Farms

Happiness Family farm is a Black owned farm located in PDX. Theland is tended by Rosata, her husband, Prosper, and son, Japhety. Rosata & Prosper are refugees from Burundi, Africa who lived in the refugee camp in Tanzania for 12 years before arriving to the United States in 2007. With support from Village Gardens, in 2010 they began to reconnect to their roots by growing vegetables familiar to their African culture. Soon thereafter, they were donated the land that blossomed HFF into what it is today.

Sanctuary Produce Farm

Located in Dallas, OR Sanctuary is a no till farm that focuses on uplifting the BIPOC community through access to fresh produce

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